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What is Bitero Limited?
Bitero is a company that offers its clients a stake in a professionally managed and diversified investment portfolio. This portfolio is assembled by investing in four fields: Forex Markets, Bitcoin Mining, Venture Capital and the Digital Exchange.
Is Bitero a registered and legal company?
Bitero is a legally registered and legitimate company, registered at the Companies House of United Kingdom. Company number: 12837743
Where is Bitero physically located?
Our physical address is 40 Bank Street, London, United Kingdom. If you are a representative or an investor interested in a meeting, please write to to schedule an appointment.
What criteria do I need to fulfill to invest?
By registering to the site you are agreeing that you have read and agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. You are also confirming that you are at least 18 full years of age.
How do I open my Bitero account?
You can do so by clicking the “account” button at the top of our website, choosing “Sign up”, and properly filling out the requested fields. After registering you will be redirected to your account dashboard. From here you will be able to start investing with Bitero.
How much does opening an account cost?
Opening an account is free of charge.
How many accounts can I have on your platform?
Each is user is allowed to open one account. Opening several accounts under one IP address, as well as the use of multiple accounts by one person is strictly forbidden, and will result in the termination of our client / business relationship, the deletion of the respective accounts and the seizure of all monetary assets within the involved accounts.
How to Invest?
To start a new investment cycle, log in go to your dashboard by clicking the “Dashboard” link in the top menu of the site. In the dashboard find the section called “Actions” and click the large button that says “Deposit”. You will be redirected to the deposit creation page, where you will set up your profile.
How much can I invest?
Our investment plan has no limit for the maximum possible investment size.
What is the minimum investment amount?
Smallest amount of possible deposit is 0.005 BTC per transaction.
How long is the investment duration?
The Bitero investment cycle is 30 days starting from moment of deposit activation. After this period, your active deposit will be automatically returned to your Bitero account free of charge, where you will be able to withdraw the funds to a crypto wallet of your choice.
Can I reclaim my deposit before the end of the 30 day period?
You can reclaim your deposit at any time during the 30 days, and the invested sum will be instantly sent back to your Bitero account. Be advised that premature deposit return has a transaction processing fee of 10%.
Do I get profits every day, even on weekends?
Our platform guarantees that our customers will receive profit every single day, be it business day or weekend.
What are the interest rates?
Your profit will depend on the size of your investment. You will receive 2.0% profit on business days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and 1.0% on weekends (Saturday Sunday).
Why is the profit rate on weekends different?
Profit rate on weekends is lower (1.0%) than on business days (2.0%) because of certain markets like the Forex market being closed and a general display of slower activity in many fields than during the workweek.
How can I check my account balances?
Open your dashboard. The first section displayed is called “Quick Stats”. In this section you will be able to see your current account balance, your sum total BTC currently invested and your all time profit.
I just deposited. Why is my account balance still 0.00000000 BTC ?
When you make a deposit, it automatically becomes active. This means that the sum you invest is in an active investment phase for 30 days or until the deposit is returned. Since funds that are actively being invested cannot instantly be withdrawn to your personal crypto wallet, they are not reflected in your account balance.
How many deposits can I have simultaneously?
It is possible to have as many active deposits open as you choose, without limitation.
When will my deposit be activated?
Bitcoin transactions need to be confirmed at least once by the Bitcoin network. After your transaction for the opening of the account will be confirmed, which can take from 10 minutes to approximately 2 hours, your deposit will become active.
Where can I see whether my deposit transaction has been confirmed?
Go to this website: "" and copy your transaction ID in the search bar. There your transaction details will be visible, among them the amount of confirmations it has received.
What if after confirmation my deposit is still not active?
If this happens, please, contact us by writing to, or by using the contact sheet. Your email must include:

1. Your username

2. The transaction ID (hash)

3. The receiving address

4. The precise amount of BTC sent

When Will I receive my first profit?
Profits are automatically payed out in 24 hour increments, starting from the moment of deposit activation.
Can I redeposit from my Account balance?
It is possible to redeposit from your Bitero account balance, if your account balance has enough funds. You will be able to choose your payment source in the deposit creation page.
When will I get my deposit back?
Your active deposit will be automatically returned to your Bitero account free of charge 30 days after the moment of deposit activation. You can also return your principal at any time manually, with a 10% processing fee.
I want to redeem my active deposit before the 30 day deadline. How can I do that?
It is possible to prematurely return your deposit with a 10% processing fee. Go to your dashboard. In the “Active Deposits” section, find your active deposit and open it by clicking the “Details” button. Scroll down to the bottom of the Active deposit details and you will find a button called “Release Deposit”. Click the button and follow the instructions in order to transfer your active deposit to you Bitero account Balance.
How does compounding work?
Compounding is the automatic reinvestment of a certain percentage of your profit. This means that you can choose how much of your daily profit goes to your account, and how much is added to your active deposit.
Why use the compounding option?
Compounding allows you to increase your profits over time. Since the daily profit is a percentage of your active deposit, if your active deposit grows, so does the net sum of your profit each day.
Do you offer compounding?
Yes, the compounding option is available to all active deposits.
Can I set different compounding to separate active deposits?
Yes, you can set a specific compounding percentage to each of your active deposits separately.
Where can I change the compounding settings?
The compounding settings can be changed in your deposit details page, right underneath your active deposit ID.
How can I withdraw funds?
To withdraw funds, log in and go to your dashboard by clicking the “Dashboard” link in the top menu of the site. In the dashboard, find the withdraw section under received payments and click the large button that says “Withdraw”. You will be redirected to the withdrawal confirmation page, where you will finalize the desired transaction.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC.
Is there a limit to the maximum BTC amount for a single withdrawal?
There is no max limit for a withdrawal.
How long after a withdrawal request will the funds be sent to my BitCoin wallet?
The funds will instantly be sent to the wallet you will have specified.
Are there any withdrawal fees?
Withdrawing from Bitero to your personal crypto wallet is completely free of any fees or charges.
What to do if I requested a withdrawal, but it is showing as pending?
Usually the cause for payment delay is simply human error, i.e., incorrect Bitcoin address. Failed payments are checked manually and this process can take up to 24 hours.
Why is my withdrawal shown as processed if the funds are not in my Bitcoin wallet?
Bitcoin transactions need to be confirmed at least once by the Bitcoin network. After the transaction for the withdrawal of funds will be confirmed, which can take from 10 minutes to approximately 2 hours, your funds will show up in your wallet.
Do I have to have a deposit in order to get to participate in the affiliate program?
It is not required to have deposited in order to participate in the Bitero affiliate program. We do still recommend trying out the investment platform and getting acquainted with the processes within it in order to be a more effective help to your referrals. This can be done by investing or by studying the Bitero tutorials.
What is a referral commission?
Referral commission is the percentage based commission you receive when someone from your referral network invests in our platform. These percentages and the size of your passive referral commission levels depend on your affiliate rank.
What is a referral network?
Referral network is the collective group of users registered by either using your referral link or by using the referral link of your direct referrals.
What is a direct referral?
Direct referral is someone who registered to Bitero using your personal referral link. You will receive a direct referral commission when this person invests in our platform. Bitero offers a direct referral commission of 5% for novice representatives, and this percentage is increased when the user ranks up their affiliate level.
What is a passive referral?
Passive referral is someone who registered to Bitero using the personal referral link of someone in your affiliate network. You will receive a passive referral commission when this person invests in our platform. Bitero offers a 3 level passive referral commission of 1% for novice representatives, and the amount of passive levels your receive commission on is increased when you rank up your affiliate level.
What is an uplink?
Your uplink is the person with whose personal referral link you registered to the site.
How long do I have to wait to receive my affiliate commission?
Your affiliate commissions will be automatically added to your account balance when the the deposit made by a person in your affiliate network will have been confirmed.
Where can I find the advertising materials for affiliates?
In your dashboard, you will find a section called “Affiliate Career”. There will be a large button called “Banners”. When you will click this button, you will be redirected to the page where all of your personalized marketing materials will be listed for you to copy and use.
A user registered using my referral link, but they do not show up in my affiliate network. What should I do?
If you encounter this issue, please contact our support team by writing to Your message must include: 1. Your username; 2. Your referrals username: 3. Approximate date of registration for your referral
How to change my E-Mail address?
To change your email address contact, and we will help you solve this issue.
Where can I access my account settings?
They can be found by opening the dashboard and clicking on the white gear icon displayed at the bottom of the quick access bar, on the left side of the dashboard. See the tutorial on account settings.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password in the account settings. They can be found by opening the dashboard and clicking on the white gear displayed next in the quick access bar, next to your username.
How to change my Bitcoin wallet address?
You can change your Bitcoin address in the account settings. They can be found by opening the dashboard and clicking on the white gear icon displayed at the bottom of the quick access bar, on the left side of the dashboard.
I can not access my account! What should I do?
Please carefully examine your login information. Make sure that both the username and password you have entered are correct. If you cannot recall your password, please click the “forgot password” link underneath the sign in form, and follow the instructions provided.
What payment processors do you accept?
At the current moment, we use solely bitcoin as the payment processor for the Bitero platform.
What is a BitCoin address?
Bitcoin address is the shorthand term for your personal Bitcoin wallet address.
Where can I buy BitCoin?
There are multiple options to choose from when looking for a service where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. Since it is an outside service, we have no clear single provider we recommend, and you are free to choose whichever one suits your needs the most. If you are having trouble finding the right solution, feel free to check out this link: ""
Why does Bitero use Bitcoin as a payment provider?
Large part of our investment activities are executed in Bitcoin. Furthermore, Bitcoin is decentralized, safe, and has low transaction fees that do not grow based on the value of the amount of BTC being transferred. This makes it a trustworthy and economically sound choice for payments.
Why am I not receiving any E-Mails from the company?
Start by checking the spam folder in you mailbox. If you still do not find our messages, than please contact your email provider to solve the issue. In addition, we do recommend using trusted and popular email providers (for example gmail) to ensure that they work properly with our website.
I still have some unclarities. How can I contact Bitero?
You can reach our support team by writing to us through the contact form on this website and by writing an email to We will respond to any inquiries as soon as possible.